Edge-to-Edge Pricing and Patterns
Minimum charge for quilts $35.00
Length x width = square inches
Square inches x price = quilting charge
(Price per square inch is
based on difficulty of pattern.)
Edge-to-Edge Pricing and Patterns
Select a pattern from those above or
many others are available. Price includes
large meandering. Prices subject to
change without notice.

Machine Quilting

Custom Quilting

Designs for borders and blocks to make your quilt as original as you are. Custom quilting includes: stitch-in-the-ditch, shadow quilting, stippling and more. Custom Quilting is 3 cents per square inch. (Length x width = square inches).


I will baste parallel lines 4" apart to stabilize the 3 layers for your hand quilting. Basting is .006 per square inch. (Length x width = square inches.) Minimum $35.00.


Binding is applied by machine to the right side of the quilt and hand stitched to the back. Binding is .18 per linear inch. (Length x 2) + (width x 2) = linear inches. We will make and apply binding by machine for only $20.

To add a different design in borders
that requires reloading the quilt add $25.


Continuous line quilting which covers the entire quilt top. I offer many different designs that will make your quilt unique.

To Prepare Your Quilt

Custom Quilt Hangers

Above lengths add $10.00 S&H
Above lengths add $20.00 S&H
Quilt by Linda Monasky